Groups up to 20-250

Banff WeddingsWe would love to provide you with an accurate quote for your wedding, so please fill in our “Build your own Package” form using this link. Each and every wedding is so different and what one couple wants may not be what another wants; so we prefer to provide individualized quotes to each couple based on YOUR wants! Lake Louise is a small town with limited venue options so please tell us what YOU want and we will be happy to let you know what the options are.

Marriage License – We will ensure all the legal papers are completed by you and submitted in advance. To comply with licensing laws you will need to appear personally at the Licensing Bureau in Banff to provide proof of identification and signatures. We will accompany you to the Bureau where you will sign for and be issued with your marriage license.

Commissioner – An experienced Marriage Commissioner will be provided to carry out your wedding service at Lake Louise. All post-ceremony registration of documents will be handled by your Commissioner. You will receive a ‘Certificate of Marriage’ immediately following your ceremony, however, the official certificate will follow (usually by mail) in 2-3 weeks.

Photographs – A professional wedding photographer will be booked to attend on your wedding day to take ceremony and post-ceremony photographs around Lake Louise. All images will be supplied on CD with full release for you to reproduce and share with your friends!

Wedding Cake & Champagne – A handcrafted wedding cake will be made and decorated with flowers to match your bouquet and boutonniere. Pop your bottle of chilled champagne immediately after the ceremony or save it for a private toast to accompany your cake back at your hotel.

Attendance/Witnesses – Rocky Mountain Weddings will be in attendance on the day of the ceremony, meeting you at your hotel at least ½ hour before the ceremony time and will be present until the ceremony is complete and you are announced man and wife! We will be available to act as witnesses if required.

Flowers – A small hand-tied bouquet for the bridesmaid/maid of honor and boutonniere for the best man/groomsman.

Spa Treatment – An appointment at the Spa for the bridal hair and make-up on the day of the ceremony. Hair and Make-Up services for bridesmaid.

The Mount Fairview Group Wedding Package is available from $5,095 CDN + GST for bride and groom and up to 20 guests on a Weekday and $6,095 + GST on Weekends. This package does not include room hire or reception costs.

All our Canadian Rockies wedding packages can be customized to your requirements, and many additional activities are available.

Please contact us for further information.