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Julie Padgett

Julie PadgettAs the owner of Rocky Mountain Weddings and an almost “local”, I have lived in Banff for 15 years. I hale from Ontario but have spent my whole adult life out west.

I have four young children and a husband that works more hours than I do! When I’m not working (which is rare!), I can often be found out and about with my kids, running, cooking or trying to squeeze in a weekend away somewhere.

I enjoy traveling and have visited many awesome countries within Europe, Thailand, Dubai, the Caribbean and Mexico and the southwest USA. I am a sun lover so any chance I have to get away from the everyday and bask in the sunlight, I take it! Although, Banff and Canmore do boast some of the sunniest, yet cold, winters in the country so sunshine is not hard to find around here!

I have worked in various jobs in Banff over the years from coffee shops to contractors but the main outcome has always been on the business end with my fingers in customer service and planning. I first dipped my toes into being a business owner when I started “My Hotel Sitter” in 2009, a local childcare business. Realizing I loved being my own boss, I purchased RMW in 2014 from Lauren (who still helps us on occasion, lucky us!). I genuinely LOVE my job (okay, maybe not the accounting end, yuck), but the rest of it is always unique and fun and there is no better feeling than helping make someone else’s special day a reality!


Lauren Laming

Lauren Laming

Lauren Laming

Lauren Laming I fell in love with the mountains during a visit to Banff with my mum back in 1995. Following numerous trips to re-visit the mountains, dry soft snow, open ski runs, amazing sense of space and freedom, magnificent scenery, I made my permanent move from the UK to the Rocky Mountains in the summer of 2001. Currently living in Canmore with my two dogs Kayla and Shadow and an overweight fur-ball call Jasmine! In my spare time I enjoy skiing, hiking, camping and travelling but most of all I love being away from the city, and I am a volunteer for the local SPCA which is a temporary fix for my desire to have more animals! I left behind a successful career as the Operations Manager of a major IT Training Company in the UK. One connecting factor for all my previous jobs has been “organizing” or “planning”, and whether by choice or chance I have always been the one to organize meetings, conferences, parties, theatre trips, product launches etc so I have a wealth of knowledge and practice in planning and coordinating events large and small – all these skills now put to use as your wedding coordinator.


Katie Craig

After graduating University for Community Development and Business I moved to the mountains for just one season that has quickly turned into 3 years! Originally hailing from the Canadian Prairies, the Rocky Mountains never cease to amaze me and I can usually be found on my snowboard in Katie Craigthe winter and hiking in the summer!

I started event planning while in University and have had the opportunity to be able to plan for a vast range of employers from Parks Canada to The United Way of Winnipeg.  I really enjoy seeing events come together and experiencing the rush and excitement that accompanies them. I have been working for Rocky Mountain Weddings for over a year now and am in love with wedding planning! Working with Julie and seeing her passion for weddings and compassion for our couples has been the best experience and I am very excited to continue working with so many great people in such a beautiful location as Banff!